August 27, 2012 |

2012 August: Grey House Publishing announces the 2013 Edition of Food & Beverage Market Place

By Press Release

Grey House Publishing is proud to announce the publication of the 2013 Edition of Food & Beverage Market Place. This is the most comprehensive resource of U.S. food and beverage manufacturers and service suppliers available on the market today. In addition to the 3-volume print edition, Food & Beverage Market Place is also available for subscription online with full searching capabilities.

The 2013 Food & Beverage Market Place provides detailed profiles of 45,000 companies for complete coverage of all sectors of this dynamic industry – finished goods and ingredient manufacturers, equipment and third party logistics providers, including transportation, warehousing, wholesalers, brokers, importers and exporters. Each of the eight chapters reflects our yearlong research efforts.

Volume 1 covers 12,946 Food, Beverage & Ingredient Manufacturers. The first section is a list of all the categories in which the products are listed. These categories range from Abalone to Zinc Citrate, and every product in between. The second section is a list of all the manufacturers associated with the products listed in the first section. These manufacturers are listed alphabetically by Product Category, here’s where you will find an abbreviated company entry, to easily contact manufacturers within a specific product category. Also, this section is in a layered list format, for example – to find Abalone Fish you would find it under Fish & Seafood: Fish: Abalone or to find Zinc Citrate it would be under Ingredients, Flavors & Additives: Vitamins & Supplements: Zinc Citrate. The third section is an A to Z list of the over 15,000 food and beverage manufacturers—all those which are listed in the second section. These expanded profiles include complete contact information; key executives and company data such as estimated annual sales, number of employees and brands produced.

Volume 2 covers Equipment, Supply & Service Providers. It begins with a product category list, which includes everything from Adhesive and Backers Magnet Label to Vacuum Bags and Zipper Application. The second section, as in Volume 1, is the list of producers for each product in the first section. The third section contains 13,7414 company profiles within this volume, again including basic contact information along with company data as outlined above.

Volume 3 covers Third Party Logistics, including sections for brokers, importers and exporters, transportation firms, warehouse companies and wholesalers and distributors. Each section follows a similar format, beginning with an A to Z list of company profiles and ending with indices specific to the section. All together, this volume encompasses more than 20,000 companies.

In addition to company profiles, this edition has 19 Indexes, 17 chapter-specific, arranged by geographic region, product or company type, and two – All Brands and All Companies – that comprise all three volumes. Our extensive indexing makes quick work of locating exactly the company, product, or service users are looking for. Plus, chapters include User Guides that help researchers to navigate chapter-specific data.

As the wants and needs of the population continue to change, the food and beverage industry—and Food & Beverage Market Place—continues to keep pace. Whatever slice of the market you cater to, you will din your buyers, sellers, and users in this comprehensive reference tool – three volumes of the complete coverage out subscribers have come to expect.

For on demand access to information, the Food & Beverage Market Place is also available on the Grey House Online Database (GOLD) platform. Subscribers to GOLD have immediate access to the detailed listings contained in the print directory. With the Food & Beverage Market Place Online Database, users will be able to conduct in-depth searches of the database to locate resources that meet specific search criteria, and all listings are accompanied by links to the listee’s web sites and email addresses. Visit for more information or call (800) 562-2139 for a trial.

Praise for Previous Editions

“Provides a useful source book of companies operating in the US that provide brand name food and beverage products… This useful reference source for business professionals provides a single source for locating information on this large industry. Recommended for academic, public and corporate libraries.”


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