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2012 August: Inbox

By Pizza Today

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We at Joey’s on the Beach, in Panama City Beach, Florida, would like to thank everyone at Pizza Today magazine for including our little family owned and operated pizzeria in their article in this month’s issue! We feel very blessed to be a part of a great magazine. Again we would like to thank you and invite you to visit us at our new second location, Joey’s of Lynn Haven, located in Lynn Haven, Florida, on Highway 77.
Joseph Di Meglio
Joey’s on the Beach
Panama City, Florida

Joseph, thank you for reading and enjoying Pizza Today over the years! It was our pleasure to include you in the roundup.

When are you selling shirts for this year’s Slice of Hope? We love the ones we got last year!
Janet Wall
Baltimore, Maryland
via Twitter

Janet, Slice of Hope t-shirts are available NOW.
Visit PizzaToday.com and click on the Slice of Hope tab for more info.
Thanks for your support.
Eating my bowl of cereal this morning, I find myself pondering your
question in the June issue of Pizza Today on “Paper or Plastic?” Perhaps a follow up to the question should be Landfill, Precious Resources, or
Reduce, Recycle, Reuse?
Does a company want to invest in dishwashing equipment with the
potential of increasing their electricity and water bill? Or use more
paper (from trees) and plasticware (from oil) while filling up the
landfill, which all use precious resources? For me the answers are very
clear but can be perceived differently.
Paper seems to be a waste of precious resources but is always very clean
to the patron. Though CostCo (c) (formally Price Club) has always used
the eight-inch paper plate and is extremely successful with the “sold by
the slice” sales strategy.
However with the continued focus on recycling paper and reducing trash
(paper for plates and oil for the bags), most companies choose the paper
route and do not advertise or jump on the recycling bandwagon due to
the backlash of negative publicity; as this type of free advertisement
should be avoided.
By investing into high energy-saving dishwashing equipment, plates and
plasticware made from recycled materials, using the reduce, recycle,
reuse motto can be satisifying for all; including those of us who
continue to research the competition and eat at our favorite pizza
David Mitchell
P.S. – I am in process of writing my business plan to open a restaurant named Mitchellini’s Pizza in 2013.
David, you raise interesting questions and make valid points. We agree
the best practice is to reuse plates and dishes and clean them using an
energy-saving dishwasher. As you can tell by Editor-in-Chief Jeremy
White’s commentary in the June issue, he isn’t a big fan of pizzerias
slapping their food on cheap paper plates!