July 30, 2012 |

2012 August: Social Media

By Pizza Today


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Pizza Nola

It’s time for the uber-popular “DJ ScoopALot’s Lunch Bunch!” A free small gelato for each dine-in customer, 11a-2p! #Nola
Why it works: Offering a small des­sert at lunch is a great enticement, but it also gives the restaurant a competitive edge. This tweet was sent out on a Friday –– payday! –– when many diners make plans to meet with friends or conduct business meetings outside the office. Adding in a specific time period gave start and end times to the freebie. Well done –– and we’ll have a scoop of choco­late, please!

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East West Pizzeria
Tired of paying outrageous gas prices? Let us help! East West Pizzeria is giving away a $50 gas card and all you have to do is post on our timeline that you want free gas with you tab number, date and time of the order! We will draw the winner the first week of July!

Why it works: With the high price of gas these days, anything you can do to ease the pain at the pump will catch the customer’s eye. East West gener­ated traffic to their page with this post, but it also entered customers who had already dined at the restaurant. That’s a win-win for both the diner and the restaurant. What a quick and easy promotion!

Mannie & Bo’s Pizza

Don’t forget! We’re open late tonight. 2 Happy Hours on Friday & Saturday: 4-7pm & 9pm until close!

Why it works: Sending out this tweet at lunch took the guesswork out of “where should we go for dinner to­night?” And we love the idea of happy hours on the weekends. That’s a great offering for parents who simply can’t get away during the week.

Marleys Monster Grill &
Pizza OK, it’s officially official & it’s Yummy: Our Homemade Blackberry BBQ Sauce (6.99), Home­made Ranch Dressing (6.99) and Homemade Avacado Ranch Dressing (7.99) are available for sale. Each comes in a full pint container with a cool (& official) MMGP sticker. Such A Deal! You can order by calling us at 727-239-7208; via email at poppop@mar­leysmonstergrill.com; or just stop in. We’ll have your order ready.

Why it works: Marley’s has introduced a signature line of its homemade dressings and sauces, and posting that fact online is two-fold: it gets the word out, but it also lets customers know that Marley’s isn’t afraid to do things by hand. Adding in a phone number and an email for orders adds impact. All this post needed was a link to the Web site!