January 1, 2012 |

2012 January: Inbox

By Jeremy White

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The Style Issue

I have been a Pizza Today reader for the past 12 years. I have just got a chance to read September’s issue tonight and I’d like to congratulate you and your staff for the honors achieved. Your magazine is a blessing for independent owners like myself and the industry as a whole. Keep up the great work and thank you for the worthy input your magazine has provided me for the past 12 years.

Best Regards,

Akrem Asalieh

Brick Oven Pizza & Cucina

Palisades Park, New Jersey

Akrem, thank you. Independent pizzerias such as yours are the real driving force behind this magazine. We feed off the energy you create, so keep it up yourself!

Bag It

We’ve been in business for 40 years and are astonished as to how popular pizza boxes are. While we are forced to use them for very large orders, we feel that the old-fashioned pizza bag is and always will be the best. In our opinion pizza boxes are bad for pizza and ruin the quality of good pizza — I actually cringe when people request a box for their pizza.

Greg Fasano

Fasano’s Pizza

Justice, Illinois


P.S. Forty years and no coupons or give aways ever.

Variety absolutely makes the world go around. Keep on rockin’ it retro-style Greg. As for the rest of the industry, we don’t think we’ll see a large migration from pizza boxes anytime soon … Stick to what works for you, whether that’s a box or a bag.

Milk? Absolutely!

At my restaurant, A Little Pizza Heaven, I always have milk on hand. We have many uses in the restaurant for it besides drinking it. We have a very extensive menu of which many items use milk. And, yes, kids do like their chocolate milk!

Thanks for a great magazine.

Darryl Bartlett, owner

A Little Pizza Heaven

Scranton, PA

Darryl is referring to Editor-in-Chief Jeremy White’s column on page three of our October issue. In that piece, White mentioned that he favors restaurants that offer milk so that his children do not have to consume soda every time the family dines out. If you’ve found other ways to use milk in your pizzeria, let us know.