July 1, 2012 |

2012 July: Inbox

By Pizza Today

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Can you tell me the dates for this year’s Slice of Hope?

Christine Whittington
Louisville, KY
via Facebook

This year’s Slice of Hope bike ride to raise money for the Karen Mullen Breast Cancer Foundation is scheduled for October 8-12. Thanks for once again pledging your support to this cause. For others who are interested, we will once again be selling Slice of Hope t-shirts and offering pledge forms at PizzaToday.com. Simply click on the Slice of Hope link to get started.


As a fan of your magazine, I wanted to know how does one get a mention? Our family is celebrating our 80th year in business. We have long been subscribers to Pizza Today and have seen many types of pizza businesses mentioned, from franchises to independents. A brief history on Toto’s: In 1926 my grandfather and grandmother purchased a restaurant and called it La Napoli. They were both born and raised in Naples, Italy. In 1932 they changed the name to Toto’s (my grandfather’s nickname for Antonio). It was originally opened in Coney Island, New York. After a visit to San Francisco in 1945, they stayed out west. Today along with myself, our children and grandchildren, we, the Spadarella family, still own and operate three locations in the San Francisco Bay area.

All the Best,

Robert Spadarella
Toto’s Restaurants, Inc.
San Francisco, California

Robert, thanks so much for the note. Congratulations on achieving 80 years in business. Very few restaurants — very few businesses of any type, in fact — can make that claim. The milestone showcases the hard work, diligence and business sense that your grandfather, father and now yourself most obviously possess. As for getting a mention in Pizza Today — well, you just earned it!


Thanks so much for making Pizza Today available on Android tablets, too. It was obvious that you were very excited about launching on the iPad. I was equally thrilled when you rolled out the Android version a few weeks later.


Michael Christopher
New Orleans, Louisiana

We’re thrilled that you’re thrilled, Michael! For those of you with iPads or Android tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy, hop on over to the iTunes store or Google Play and download the free Pizza Today app today. If you can believe it, our food photos are even more delicious on the tablet than they are in print. As our publisher, Pete Lachapelle, said when he first saw it: “Don’t lick the screen!”