June 1, 2012 |

2012 June: Inbox

By Jeremy White

FEELING PATRIOTIC Pizza Expo was a great time this year. As always, you guys truly outdo yourselves every year. I wanted to touch base and let you know that we followed through with the commitment that John Farrell made at the Beer & Bull session to the Pizza 4 Patriots gentlemen. We hope that others in the industry can see the power and importance of the cause as well. Most Sincerely, Clayton Krueger Director of Marketing & Communications Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza Tacoma, Washington Clayton is referring to the Pizza4Patriots program, an initiative led by retired Air Force Master Sergeant Mark Evans. The Pizzas4Patriots program seeks to send pizza to each and every one of the 100,000 U.S. service members based in Afghanistan next month. Mr. Evans briefly introduced the program to International Pizza Expo 2012 attendees in Las Vegas last month at one of the Beer & Bull sessions. After hearing Evans’ remarks, Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza founder John Farrell quickly stood up and pledged a $1,000 donation on the spot. Learn more about the initiative at Pizzas4Patriots.com. John Farrell and Pizza4Patriots’ Mark

KIDDING AROUND A good way to drive business sales up is to take your slow days and let neighborhood kids from age 4-10 make their own pizza. How it works: a parent orders a dinner and their son or daughter makes their own pizza for free. Your volume will jump higher … We do it only on Mondays and Tuesdays from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Joe Mancino via PizzaToday.com Joe, we love this great marketing method. We advocate opening your pizzeria up to school field trips, Boy/Girl Scouts, etc. Letting kids come in and assemble (do not let them get near the oven and actually bake their pizza, of course!) their own pies is a fantastic idea. Kudos to you for making your kids’ pizza night a success.

YOUR PIZZA BOX: AN ADVERTISING ALLY We’ve been in business since 1985, but have just recently customized our pizza box because, like you mentioned, we realized it was a missed marketing opportunity. We always look forward to your magazine every month. Also, tell Scott that Lindsay and Mike said “hi” and we’ll be up to NYC for yet another pizza tour as soon as possible. Sincerely, Mike Cain Family Pizzeria Stafford, Virginia Thanks for reading and commenting on our article about customized boxes being a no-brainer marketing vehicle for pizzerias, Mike. And we have passed your note and “hello” on to Scott Weiner of Scott’s Pizza Tours in NYC. He was enthusiastic about hearing from a tour veteran and looks forward to taking you around New York again, he says! To get a quick Scott fix right now, turn to page 20 and read what’s on his mind in this month’s Man on the Street column.