March 1, 2012 |

2012 March: Inbox

By Pizza Today


Pimp My Box

I was reading your article on custom pizza boxes and I wanted to send you a pic of mine. While I do like it, I think it can use a little more customizing to make it more eye appealing. I have had people make me proofs to make it better, but I haven’t found anything worth changing what I have. If you would take the time to look at my box and give me some tips and ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. I would even put your magazine logo in the bottom corner. Well, I appreciate any input you may have and look forward to hearing from you.   

Thank you,

Anthony Spinuso
Mamma Mia Pizzeria
Brooklyn, New York

Anthony, we aren’t really in the business of design consulting, but we’re thrilled to help you out anyway. We won’t even make you put our logo on your box as you offered. That’s your first design/branding lesson: this is YOUR COMPANY’S box … no one else’s. We’ll be in touch with you to share our insights per your request.


Slice of Hope

Have you set a date yet for Slice of Hope 2012?

Lainey Bridge
Atlanta, Georgia,
via Twitter

We are currently in the process of finalizing the date. By the time this issue hits your hand, we’ll have a date set in stone. Unfortunately, we have to send this issue to press a month before it hits your hands! It will be in October, but that’s the best we can do right now. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know!

Looking Good

I have been reading your magazine for years, and have always enjoyed it. I know that it must be hard to continue to make this all look so fascinating. You all really do a nice job of highlighting all the peaks and valleys of this business. …

Garrett Policastro
Tomato Pie Pizza Joint
Los Angeles, California

Thanks Garrett. We can make it look fascinating because, well, pizza is fascinating! Plus, we are fortunate to have two very talented photographers and designers on staff. That always helps!