March 1, 2012 |

2012 March: Social Media

By Pizza Today

Big Dave’s Word
From cheese prices to new year strategies, Big Dave Has you covered at

Bruno’s Menu
Looking to upgrade your menu? Pizza Today’s resident chef has the recipes you’re looking for atPizza Tweets

Pie Hole Pizza Joint

Let’s get this party started! Gotta cut dough, bake cookies and prolly something else.(Broadcasting live at

Why it works: We love that Pie Hole broadcast itself live on Ustream. What better way to give your customers insight into the kitchen than by placing them there live? That kind of confidence gives both your employees and patrons a thrill.

Pizza X

Social Butterfly Sale: Say “Buckeroo” to take $1 OFF any pizza through Sunday!

Why it works: Providing a allows you to track just how far your kind of promotion is free and easy – just what you might need to kick start your business


Bacon & Spinach Pizza
1 12-inch pizza shell
1/4 pound bacon, crisp & broken into pieces
8 ounces 50/50 blend mozzarella & provolone
1/2 pound fresh plum or Roma tomatoes, sliced
10-12 ounces fresh baby spinach leave, coarsely chopped
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh garlic
1/2 cup toasted pine nuts



Jailhouse Pizza Prisoner Pardon Challenge? Want to try? Think you and a friend cand scarf fown 12lbs of Pizza in under 60 minutes! Well this 30″ inch beast begs to differ. More than 32 teams have fallen victim to this challenge since we first opened. Think you got what it takes? We are waiting!!

Why it works: A food challenge always grabs attention. What Jailhouse did with this Facebook post is add in the number of teams who haven’t made the cut, which automatically throws down the proverbial gauntlet for anyone who thinks they have what it takes – and makes automatic customers of them.

Ralph At Zippys Zippys is having a #3 and it’s FREE Day! Be the third customer and get your pizza FREE! We have been SWAMPED with orders! (936)257-2600

Why it works: This Facebook post was accompanied by a photo of one of the winners holding a sign claiming that her pizza was free. Not only did it grab fans’ attention, but it also offered the phone number, a move that urges folks to call soon.