May 1, 2012 |

2012 May: Inbox

By Pizza Today

The Show of Shows

You and your staff did a fantastic job with the expo. We were first time attendees and we were at the expo from open to close EVERY day and didn’t get bored. The information received and contacts made are invaluable — especially for people like us who are just getting into the business. My husband spent a lot of his time in dough seminars and I hit a variety of seminars — especially enjoying Glenn Cybulski’s presentations. He is informative and entertaining. The demonstrations by the world’s greats was also a treat.

We just wanted to say thank you and let you know how great we thought it was. We look forward to next year’s event. Cheers!

Mark & Juli Tuson
Brick House Mobile Pizza, LLC
Shelton, Washington

Thanks for coming to the show. New Operator Monday was created specifically to help people like you. We’re glad to know we’ve played a small part in your future success!

More expo love

Once again you and your team did an amazing job! Pizza Expo keeps getting better every year. I had an opportunity to speak with many exhibitors and attendees. Everyone agreed that the event was great and the line up of seminars just keeps improving.

John Arena
Metro Pizza
Las Vegas

John, Bruce Allar is a new addition to the Pizza Expo team, and the first thing he did was take a look at the lineup of seminars and say, ‘We’ve got to get more pizzeria owners involved.’ It was perhaps the single best contribution to Expo in years … because we’re getting nothing but rave reviews on the speaker lineup. Bruce has a few more tweaks planned for the 2013 show that will continue to build upon this year’s roster and will result in even more for our attendees.

Digital age

I’ve been receiving Pizza Today magazine regularly but was sent a notice that my subscription was going to end. I followed the link, renewed it, and then found your web site. WOW! I never thought to look for it. Keep up the good work.

Scott Peterson via Facebook
Calico & Crème
Hubbardstown, Massachusettts

Scott, you aren’t alone. Lots people hadn’t thought to look for it until recently, which is why we completely revamped it. And now, with the release of our iPad and Android apps, we are clearly the foodservice leader in the digital world as well as the print world. In short, you can continue to enjoy Pizza Today in a variety of forms that is no longer limited to print. Thanks for your interest and for finding us online. You’re the reason we do what we do.