May 1, 2012 |

2012 May: Social Media

By Dave Ostrander


Fox’s Pizza Athens

Stop by Hwy 78 this morning for NEW Fox’s Coffee drinks & don’t forget FREE Upgrade Monday! Big daddy pizza for the price of a large pizza.

Why it works: Mondays are a slow day in the industry and this Fox’s franchise offers free upgrades to entice diners. They take it a step further, though, by offering a signature pizza for the size of a large. They also let customers know they sell more than soda and beer. Coffee is big business, and this franchisee knows how to capitalize on that.

Incendio Pizzeria

Wanna learn more about great pizza, get a few recipes and get $5 off your next meal? Signup for our newsletter here

Why it works: This Tweet linked back to Incendio’s Facebook page and encouraged diners to like it and sign up for their newsletter. Offering an immediate $5 off placed a sense of immediacy on the offer, but Incendio let followers know their newsletter offers information about the restaurant as well as recipes. We love it! >> RECIPE >> Spinach alfredo with 4 cheese
Get this recipe and hundreds more at :


Brooklyn’s Pizzeria 50 cent pizza and salad buffet every Sunday! Kids ages 1-12 pay .50 cents year. So a four year old eats for 2 bucks…over twelve still the best deal around 7.99 for all you can eat pizza, salad and soup! Check out Brooklyn’s for the best deals in the Burg! Call for more info or for pizza delivery 925-9855

Why it works: This Facebook post encourages dining on Sundays, typically a slow day in this industry. It also gives parents an option for cheap eats –– a tool to boost business in an ailing economy. Don’t want to dine in? Brooklyn’s added their phone number for delivery, making it easy to order. Nice job!

Metro Pizza Bring in any losing ticket from yesterday’s lottery and get $5 off of any large pizza. (Not valid on delivery. Limit 1 per person. Original tickets only–no phone pics or photocopies.) Sorry, but if you won the jackpot you have to pay full price.

Why it works: Instant coupon, no printing required! When the Mega Millions jackpot hit $640 million, folks flooded gas stations and minimarts for their piece of the pie. The result? A lot of losers. Metro Pizza saw an easy way to turn those into winners, and without a lot of prep or work. Everyone’s a winner at Metro Pizza!