September 21, 2012 |

2012 October: Inbox

By Pizza Today


I have enjoyed the article on the calzone in your Pizza Today of July 2012.
The Calzone that I serve at my Mr. G’s Pizzeria are so famous because they are so unusual. every time a Calzone reaches a table, immediately there are flashes of cameras and phones, because they are so beautiful.
You can see one of them if you have time to go to my Web site and, whenever you have time, let me have your comments.

Keep up the good work!

Giovanni Cerone
Mr. G’s Pizzeria
Bryan, Texas

Mr. G. — you’re right. They are beautiful! Keep up the good work.



When does your Hot 100 list come out and how do I get my pizzeria on it?
Robby Gregor
via Twitter

Actually, you’re too late this year, robby. sorry! Our Hot 100 list is published in the very issue you are currently holding in your hands. flip to page 32 to see it. e-mail your information to denise Greer (dgreer@ and she’ll make sure you receive next year’s database mailing with the Hot 100 form.


How do I order slice of Hope t-shirts?

Julie Streander
via Twitter

It’s easy, Julie. They are available in unisex black or women’s cut pink, and they’re only $10 each. The profits go to the Karen Mullen Breast Cancer foundation. To order, simply visit Thanks for your support!