October 4, 2012 |

2012 October: International Pizza Expo Announces Craft Beer Pavilion

By Pizza Expo

The chance to offer samples to prospective volume buyers will be available at the new Craft Beer Pavilion at International Pizza Expo, March 19-21, 2013, in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A crowd of 7,000 of the most successful independent and small-chain pizzeria owners and managers will converge at the 29th annual Expo. Recognizing the synergies between beer and pizza, and between craft brewers and the increasing craftsmanship of pizza makers, Pizza Expo has set aside space on the exhibit hall floor for members of these two like-minded enterprises to meet and discuss building profitable craft beer programs at the nation’s best pizza restaurants.

Quick facts: Annual U.S. pizza restaurant sales — $40 billion. Pizzerias in the U.S. — 65,000. Pizzerias that serve beer — 30,000-plus. Pizzerias that serve craft beers — not enough, but the number is growing rapidly.

The pizza segment, like the craft beer segment, has continued to grow during the slow economy while other dining out concepts have declined. Pizza Expo is a business-to-business trade show attended by pizza operators seeking new ways to improve their businesses. The show floor is 5.5 football fields in size and features 425-plus exhibitors.

Pizza Expo is offering discounted-rate space in the Craft Beer Pavilion and a turnkey package that makes it easy for brewers to have a presence there. In addition, craft brews from exhibiting brewers will be featured at the popular Beer & Bull Idea Exchanges at the close of show hours on the first two days of the event — at no extra charge to the brewers.

Also, the conference package at Expo includes three panel discussions on profitable craft beer strategies for pizzerias.
We’ve taken several steps to make craft beer the beverage focus at International Pizza Expo 2013.

To be a part of it all, contact Bobbie MacIntosh at 800-489-8324, ext. 515. Or email her at bmacintosh@pizzatoday.com.

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