August 20, 2012 |

2012 September: Inbox

By Pizza Today


I may be a little late to the party — I just read your commentary in the June issue of Pizza Today.
I completely agree that a sit down/full service type pizza place needs actual, real plates. And silverware. We can seat 84 guests in our pizza restaurant. We have servers. And we have a lot of dishes to do.
However, I feel that the experience is really what we sell (great pizza and great service are almost a given). And we put up with the mess from the dining room in order to give our guests a great experience!
Thanks for the opportunity to share our experience!

Travis Guthman
The Pizza Peel
Lacon, IL

Travis, you completely echo our sentiments here at Pizza Today!


We at Rosa Pizza in the Uniontown Mall in Uniontown, PA. use plastic forks and paper plates. We use a heavy-duty plastic fork which I’ve never seen a customer break when trying to eat a calzone.

David Swygert
Rosa Pizza
Uniontown, PA

David, thank you for weighing in. We are already on record with our thoughts on this matter, but if your customers aren’t complaining … keep doing what works for you.


I had to share my opening day story. I just purchased Nates New York Pizza in Post Falls, ID, on May 25th. This was my first day of ownership: at 2:42 in the afternoon we lost power. Panic sets in, how long is it going to be out? So I call the power company and they said it should be back on around 6:45 p.m. What am
I going to do? I have dough in the cooler and product that will spoil. So I call up a friend who has a generator and we hooked up the refrigerators. Our ovens are gas, so we were back in business. We got swamped since we were the only restaurant in the area that was open. We were using flashlights to see in the oven and the prep table. Then at 6:50 the power was still not on, so I call the power company and they stated it would not
be on till 1 a.m.. We decided to close the doors at 8 p.m. since it was getting hard to see even with the flashlights. Then at 7:30 the power came back on, and we finished out the night open till 10 p.m. Even though we had a major windstorm that blew down a big tree and took down power lines, we had a fun night. All the employees did a great job. What a way to start my first day off.

Glenn Gatherer
Nate’s New York Pizza
Post Falls, ID

Glenn, congrats on taking the dive into pizzeria ownership. As your first day indicated, you’re in for a wild ride! But you obviously handled the curve ball with enthusiasm and a winning attitude.And it’s great to hear you compliment your staff for a job well done despite the power outage.You’re off to not only an interesting start,but a good one.Here’s to hoping the road gets smoother now. Good luck!