March 27, 2013 |

Commentary: Pizza Expo First-timer Experience

By Jeremy White

Jeremy White, Commentary — A Customer Service FailureThank you to everyone who helped make International Pizza Expo 2013 yet another remarkable success. Each year as we get nearer to the show’s official kickoff, butterflies start to fill my stomach. There are so many things to accomplish in those four days (New Operator Monday has really taken off): people to see, places to be … Sometimes it is simply overwhelming.

That’s my perspective, and I’ve gone to 13 consecutive Expos. On the way to Las Vegas as I was thinking about that, it suddenly hit me that if I’m taken aback by the size and speed of the show, what must it seem like to a first-time attendee? With all the seminars and events on the schedule, not to mention the massive show floor, Expo is so big, so intense and so cram-packed that a first-timer must really view the show through eyes that simply cannot open wide enough to take it all in.

That’s why we decided to follow a first-time attendee around the Expo this year. Like a reality show, our cameras and voice recorders were there around the clock. We captured every moment of the experience and are going to present it to you soon through the eyes of someone who had no clue what they were walking into when International Pizza Expo 2013 kicked off. It was a fun and energetic time, and I’m happy I was able to be there alongside friends Kelly and Aldo Musico as they took their first steps onto the massive show floor. We followed them to seminars, accompanied them to parties, watched their eyes light up as they sampled ingredients and cheered on International Pizza Challenge competitors.

In the coming months, we will present to you their story. Remember, theirs is just one of 6,000 perspectives to emerge from this year’s Expo. Want to share yours with us, too? We’d love to hear it. E-mail me at the address below and tell me all about it.

Jeremy White, Editor-in-chief