March 28, 2013 |

Inbox: Burn, Baby, Burn

By Pizza Today

2013 April: InboxBURN, BABY, BURN

I am a manager at Joe Bolognas Pizzeria in Lexington, Ky. and was given your article from our front office. We just recently had a similar incident occur at our restaurant involving a carrot cake. A very nice lady pre-ordered a whole, fresh carrot cake for her husband’s birthday party.  The guy who makes our cakes made a fresh batch and boxed one up for her. The woman took it home and when she went to cut into the cake it was terribly dried out and looked like a frozen, pre-made cake. When she called up to complain I personally took her call, apologized profusely and promised a full refund and a gift card. I then went to investigate the other cake from that batch and found out the cake was over cooked and burnt. I immediately called the woman back to tell her what I found and offered to drive a different cake out to her house 45 minutes away. She graciously declined but thanked me for looking into it and then told me that she was going to bring a piece in for us the next day to prove that she wasn’t lying. She was satisfied with what we did and is still a customer. In your all’s case I would’ve refunded the money, personally re-made the pizza, and delivered it myself. A vested manager and hands on approach make a world of difference. I hope this reply helps.


Jasen Gornto
Joe Bologna’s
Lexington, KY

Jasen is referring to the editor’s column in the last issue in which we discussed a badly burnt pizza that we recently picked up from a shop up the street (see photo above).


We received our latest issue of Pizza Today yesterday in the mail. Turning the front page to your commentary and reading your story, I passed the issue around to my employees and managers, letting them read and comment on your story. The moral of the story is “you always take a manager call no matter how busy you are.”

First, state that you’re sorry for the bad product that you received. Send out a correct one right away and give the customer their money back. If they picked it up, I would personally deliver it to them. I just went to your Facebook page and seen the picture, wow. Train your employees that this ISN’T the product that we send to our customers, and ask your employees, would you eat this?? Also I wouldn’t mail you one, I would personally take it to your place of business or house to show you that I care about what I serve.

Billy Harding
Donato’s Pizza
Cuy Falls, Ohio

You’ll be interested to know that promised gift card never made its way to us. Like I said in the commentary, we understand more than the average customer that mistakes happen. Where this particular pizzeria in Louisville, Kentucky, really messed up was with the follow-up “service” it failed to provide.


First off, if I was the manager I would have manned the ovens myself in the morning making sure they are right. Next, if that burnt pie went out like that I would have personally cooked another perfect one…told someone that I would be gone for like 10 minutes…and delivered it myself with a gift card in tow…I’d apologize profusely and convince them that it’s my fault this pie slipped through like that.

And I’d give the person responsible for sending it out a good talking to and one more chance….another pizza like that gets sent out and they will be fired — period.

Love the magazine…

Gio Brucia
Ristorante Giuseppe
Shreveport, LA 71106

Thanks, Gio. Well put.