January 1, 2013 |

2013 January: Inbox

By Pizza Today


I am a religious reader of Pizza Today and truly appreciate all of your insight into the world of pizza. You have helped us in many ways, from helping us solve problems with our dough to portion control to resolving personnel issues … in short THANK YOU!!! I have also attended the international Pizza expo in Las Vegas multiple times and want you to know that you guys run a first-class operation. … If you ever find yourself in new orleans I would love to treat you to lunch.

Theo’s Neighborhood Pizza
New Orleans, Louisiana

Since NOLA is one of our favorite cities, we’ll definitely take you upon that offer! And thank you very much for the kind words.We appreciate them, and hearing that we’ve helped your business grow is just so wonderful. It’s what we strive to do!


Greatly appreciate the information you provide each month. if you are ever in Cape Cod massachusetts, please let me know. i have a pizzeria in Falmouth, mA called stone L’oven Pizza Co. We opened a few years back and have been accepted extremely well from the
community with great reviews. We are an upscale pizzeria/bar with an open hearth oven. We took the pizza bistro theme that you typically see in the big city and brought it to the suburb. Would love to have you check it out if you are ever in the area. have a great new year.

Scott Lopes
Stone L’oven Pizza
Falmouth, Massachusetts

Scott, your shop sounds great.We look forward to one day checking it out. have a great 2013 yourself!


I wanted to say that your october issue was maybe the best issue you’ve ever published. I have been a Pizza Today fan for a long, long time and you’ve had lots of great issues, but the Unique issue really takes the cake. Keep up the great work and congratulations to you and your staff.

Geoff Lord
Coral Gables, Florida

We don’t know what to say … We’re blushing!Thank you, thank you, thank you.