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By Pizza Today

2013 May: Inbox


I think having someone like Tony Gemignani answer questions is awesome! I saw Tony when he was the key note speaker 3 years ago at the Pizza Expo, and to be able to submit questions to him is a great idea. I look forward to reading the tips and advice in the upcoming issues.

Thanks for keeping the content fresh and adding new stuff.

Brian Langevin
Executive Chef
BUILD pizzeria roma
Berkeley, CA

Brian, Respecting the Craft by Tony Gemignani, which replaced our former Marketing Matters column, has been very well received. Thanks for reading!


Always enjoy the magazine each month.

In response to your request for comment on your burnt pizza, I think it is great that you experience real world situations. Your disappointment not only in the pizza but also in the management response to the situation is right on. I don’t know the history of the pizza place you dealt with, but obviously there is no management, which is indicative of a newer place. If it is a long established pizzeria, then they should be glad to have a non-management employee have enough respect for the business to contact you and apologize for the management and the burnt pizza.

In the first place, that pizza should have never left the building. Someone with an inkling of common sense should have known it would be irresponsible to send it out. We would have called the customer and explained the situation and that we were going to remake the pizza. Of course, a member of the management team or myself (the owner) would make the call. If we felt any feeling of disappointment or displeasure on the customer end, we would immediately offer to do it for free. If a burnt pizza was actually sent out, a new pizza along with a gift certificate for another would be our policy.

I always tell my customers who we disappoint that “I wish I could reverse time and get it correct the first time, but I can’t so please tell me what I can do to rectify this situation right now”, and I would do what ever they requested. If the customer was beyond mad and nothing I could do or say at that moment makes them happy, I send out an open ended gift certificate, one that reads “your next order is free”, indicating that they can order anything and that we would get it right for them.

As a side bar to over cooked pizzas, I always tell my bakers to remember that the borderline pizzas (the ones they think may be ok to send out which translates to “let’s see if I can get away with this one”) always look darker under the soft lights of a customers home than the bright white fluorescent lighting of the kitchen. This perspective helps my guys make better judgments.

Keep up the great work.

Chris Noyes
Little Italian Pizza
Naperville, IL

Mr. Noyes is referring to the editor’s column on page three of our March 2013 issue. We’ve received more responses to this than any column we’ve ever written and they continue to keep coming in. We’ve really enjoyed reading the responses.