April 26, 2013 |

My Turn

By Pizza Today

2013 May: My Turn

By Happy Askar
Owner of Happy’s Pizza

When we opened the first Happy’s Pizza location in Detroit, we never dreamed that we would open our 100th store 17 years later. That is exactly what 2013 has brought our team, though, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else the future holds.

I was 18 years old when I opened my first Happy’s Pizza location in Detroit, Michigan. The Motor City is my home. I was working at a video rental store when the idea to open a pizzeria came to me. Night after night, customers would ask me where they could find a good pizza that delivered nearby. At that time, nobody delivered pizza in the area, so I wanted to fill that void. I thought opening a Happy’s Pizza across the street from the video store would be a great idea. In 1996, the first location was built on the corner of Hoover and 7 Mile Road.

Our pizza was an instant hit, but people came for more than just our pies. Our barbecue ribs, fried chicken and seafood created a huge demand and soon we began to open Happy’s Pizza locations about every three to six miles from each other in Detroit. We didn’t stop in Michigan, though. After seeing the success of Happy’s Pizza in Detroit, we began to expand to Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, California, Texas, Georgia and Nevada. We are currently located in eight states. We also offer franchising opportunities to parties interested in adding Happy’s Pizza to their communities. It’s important for us to serve as many as possible and do so at an affordable price.

Happy’s Pizza is known for two main things: our extensive variety of menu items and the low cost of those items. We have over 220 menu items ranging from our delicious pizzas to jumbo shrimp, pasta, rib tips and an abundance of desserts. But there’s no reason to offer these items unless they’re available at an affordable price. At Happy’s Pizza, we really do pride ourselves on our ability to feed a family of four for under $15.00. We also deliver within a five-mile radius of the store, which is why you’ll always find a Happy’s Pizza location every few miles in Detroit –– we want to make sure everyone in the Motor City can enjoy our food.

In 2013, the new year brought us more than our 100th store, though. We also unveiled our first Happy’s Pizza and Pub location. The new store features a full restaurant atmosphere, making it a great place to connect with family and friends while watching the big game. The pizza and pub will also have a full bar while still providing customers with the traditional Happy’s Pizza menu and service.

We love serving our community by providing them with quality and affordable food, but also enjoy giving back to them through our charitable efforts as much as possible. In November we hosted the 4th annual Happy’s Coats for Kids drive, giving away over 4,000 coats to children in Detroit and Cleveland. Detroit played a pivotal role in the success of Happy’s Pizza and we take every opportunity we can to give back to the community. We have also partnered with the local charities, schools, fire departments and hospitals providing food and service when needed.

Happy’s Pizza continues to grow and expand across the United States, offering a wide variety of quality food items at an affordable price and always putting service to our customers and community above all. At Happy’s Pizza, it’s about more than just good pizza –– it’s family.