May 22, 2013 |

Caffe Society: Pizza Topping Trends

By Pizza Today

Pizza has been a staple of American cuisine since the late 19th century, though bread topped with spices and cheese dates back to the Roman Empire. Rather than falling by the wayside as food trends develop, pizza offers an almost infinite number and variety of toppings, making it one of the most versatile and evergreen of dishes.

Several interesting new trends in pizza toppings are beginning to show up around the country, giving pizza a place at every meal.

As breakfast continues to rise in popularity due to a consumer base that is increasingly educated in matters of nutrition and health, options for purveyors of pizza continue to expand. As diners continue to embrace the idea of a hearty breakfast, they are going to quickly outgrow the usual breakfast staples and start looking further afield. Many pizza parlors already offer bacon as a topping and it is not all that difficult to add a fried egg or two. A breakfast pizza is still basically bread, eggs, cheese and meat, just like a drive-thru breakfast sandwich. Being able to grab one large enough to feed your team at the office helps everybody start the day off right.

Salads have long been a lunch staple and many greens are an excellent complement to succulent sauce and creamy cheese on a hot and crispy crust. Fresh basil has long been a favorite accompaniment to tomatoes and mozzarella and spinach is well-loved when paired with garlic on both red and white pizzas. One of the healthier trends is to get even more creative and include kale, chard and broccoli in place of spinach. Brussels sprouts are also trending, because their nutty flavor perfectly complements traditional pizza flavors.

Pizzas without sauce are well-known in Southern California, but one of the most interesting trends in pizza toppings is artichoke dip. Rather than adding it to a traditional pizza, the creamy mixture of artichoke pieces, chopped spinach and alfredo sauce is spread on a bare pizza skin and baked until it is bubbly. Though this trend originated at Artichoke Basille`s Pizzeria in Manhattan, it is beginning to show up in many other places, both as an appetizer and an entree.

One of the more fascinating trends burgeoning all across the culinary landscape is the globalization of food even pizza. Expect to see exotic ingredients like the African combination of peanuts, bananas and chicken or Indian toppings, including paneer and curry. As consumers are exposed to unfamiliar ingredients and cuisines through the popularity of cooking shows and competitions, they are curious enough to want to try them in a more familiar setting, which makes pizza the ideal blank canvas.

Dessert pizzas

Giant cookies that resemble pizzas have been around for decades, but why should people settle for an imitation when they can have the real thing? Pizza dough topped with crrme fraiche and fresh fruit, or any other form of dessert, is a natural end to a meal at a pizzeria. There is literally no end to the number of dessert toppings that can be scattered on top of fresh, hot pizza dough and in the coming year, we`re going to see plenty of them.

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