December 11, 2013 |

Camaraderie still exists in this industry

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 10.40.35 AMMost of us know that competition can be fierce in this industry. Just when you think you’ve finally cornered the market and started turning a profit, in comes a sweet young thing or a chain with the ability to undercut your prices.

It’s can be a dog-eat-dog world.

That’s why when we saw this Facebook post from Florida-based Wood Fired Pizza, we wanted to point out the camaraderie that is often found amongst pizzeria owners –– especially independents. When one of Wood Fired’s fellow pizza shops closed its doors, Wood Fired took the opportunity to remind its customers that the pizza industry is tough and encouraged them to stop in and support their favorite pizzeria.

The post read:

“We are sad to have just learned that The Gathering Place Wood Fired Oven closed on Nov 30th.

While some thought they were our competitor because they jumped on the bandwagon and sold wood fired pizza only a couple of miles away, we never saw it that way. We were glad they offered folks a choice of locally owned and operated cuisine that offered better than microwaved chain food or tasteless Papa, Domino, and Caesar fare.

The stark realty is that independently owned restaurants need all the support and loyalty they can get from their local communities, Wood Fired included. I’m on the floor making pizzas every day and on my knees at night trying to make payroll and pay bills. So please give locally owned and operated restaurants a chance to be in your consideration set of restaurants the next time you decide to eat out.”

While photos of cats eating pizza or amusing videos are fun, social media is best utilized when you can set yourself apart and place your pizzeria in the positive spotlight. Wood Fired Pizza did a great job reminding customers that they depend on their business to keep the doors open.