August 1, 2015 |

Commentary: Announcing our Indie of the Year

By Jeremy White

Jeremy White

Jeremy White, Editor-in-chief at Pizza Today

The first time I visited Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizza in Denver, I was smitten. Owner Mark Dym met me with open arms and we sat for hours discussing his concept. We talked about what brought him into the industry, his food, his passion for his pizza and much more. All the while an endless parade of top-notch offerings were placed in front of me to sample. My mouth still waters to this day when I recall his coal-fired “Lemoncello Chicken Wings.” They were an interesting twist on one of my favorite foods.

Then I tried his white pizza. And fireworks went off inside my head. It was, and remains to this day, the best white pie I’ve ever had. I complimented him on it by telling him, “This just might be the best white pie in America.” And I meant it.

Over the years I have enjoyed watching Mark’s business grow as he fine-tunes his craft. He’s never satisfied with his pizza, his business, his marketing. There’s a constant striving for higher achievements. And that is something I greatly admire. It’s a hallmark of those who stand out on the field of play in any arena — business, sports, life.

Associate Editor Denise Greer offers an in-depth look at Marco’s and why the concept was chosen as our 2015 Independent Pizzeria of the Year. There’s much to appreciate about Dym’s business, and Denise’s article deftly captures many of those highlights. I hope you enjoy her story and find something in the Marco’s culture and way of doing business that you can implement in your own pizzeria. The beauty of our industry is its communal, sharing nature. It’s the core of this great industry to which we all belong. If the story of Marco’s success inspires you and gives you a morsel of an idea on which to build something that will benefit your business, then Denise has done her job. So let us know what you think!



Jeremy White, Editor-in-chief