July 1, 2015 |

Commentary: Challenge yourself

By Jeremy White

Jeremy White

Jeremy White, Editor-in-chief at Pizza Today

I’ve been thinking about growth a lot. Maybe it’s because I’ll turn 40 in two months. Whatever the reason for self reflection, I’ve found myself evaluating and pushing my body and mind harder than ever recently. For example, I enjoy health and fitness, so I jumped headfirst into a new workout program. It’s been taxing, but I’m more fit than I’ve been in a long time. I’m loving the challenge it brings me each day.

When you don’t challenge yourself you tend to let things slip. As the cliché goes, we’re never too old to learn or improve.

As a business owner, what goals do you have? In what areas would you like to challenge yourself? Want to improve your kitchen skills or your marketing programs, for example? Or do you need to do a better job with employee management?

Maybe you want to try making your own ravioli (see Chef Jeff’s article) or fresh mozz. Whatever it is, I know each and every one of you have areas that, if you are honest with yourselves, need improvement. Nothing wrong with that! The question is this: how will you rise to the challenge and make yourself a better operator?

Do me a favor today: send me a quick e-mail and tell me what you personally consider to be the most challenging aspect of running a pizzeria on a daily basis. Your thoughts will help us as we think about the next few issues of Pizza Today.


Jeremy White, Editor-in-chief