May 1, 2014 |

Commentary: Ever Evolving

By Jeremy White

Jeremy WhiteYou may recall that we made a bold move in December when we opted to replace our annual Buyer’s Guide with a menu development issue. After decades of publishing a Buyer’s Guide, it just seemed like the right thing to do. Technology has allowed our readers to access the information that had annually been published in the guide on our Web site, so to duplicate it in print seemed like a silly waste of paper.

The same goes for our annual Distributor Directory. For nearly 20 years, our May issue has provided a comprehensive listing of distributors and their product lines nationwide. But recent reader surveys have indicated that our readers would now prefer to access that information on the Internet and see our print space dedicated to other items, such as recipes, how-to articles, operations features, etc. To that end, we’ve decided to let the print version of our Distributor Directory migrate to

As our readers and their needs evolve, we’re dedicated to the same path of evolution. So for those who still use the Distributor Directory in a meaningful way, don’t despair. Simply log on to and all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

While you’re on, be sure to click on the social media buttons at the top of our home page. These will take you to our many social media outlets. We do social media far better than any trade magazine in the world, and we have the awards to prove it. We’re especially proud of what we did to cover International Pizza Expo 2014 over our social media channels, so be sure to check it out after you read our Expo wrap-up article on page 52 of this issue.
Speaking of the Expo, the 30th anniversary of the show really was something to see. It was, without question, the most successful Pizza Expo in history. Thank you for helping make it unforgettable! If you were at the show, I want to hear what you most
enjoyed about it this year. Drop me a line at the e-mail address below.


Jeremy White, Editor-in-chief