November 1, 2014 |

Commentary: Giving your menu muscle

By Jeremy White

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza Reginelli’s Saltimbocca Pizza toasted ravioli Stuffed Mushrooms










Last December we opted to stop publishing an annual Buyer’s Guide — a move some thought to be a touch risky. We replaced it with a menu development guide that was, to our delight, an instant hit. So much so that we’re doing it again this December.

Next month, the 2015 Menu Guide will arrive in your mailbox. In it you’ll find hoards of recipes from popular pizza chefs and regular small-shop owners alike. We’ll have them broken down in a way that is easy to read and implement so that you can begin experimenting and planning your 2015 menu additions ASAP.

In the meantime, this issue contains our annual listing of America’s 100 largest pizza companies, based on gross sales. It also contains an article on gift cards that you should not miss — the holiday shopping season is right around the corner; now is the time to actively promote gift card sales. We’re also touching on floor plans, white pizzas and five ingredients that your kitchen personnel should get cozy with this coming winter.

Finally, I’d like to point out that the Pizza Expo Web site,, is newly updated and ready for your viewing. Any info you want about the world’s greatest pizza show can be found there. As Bill Oakley likes to remind you monthly in his Expo Spotlight, it’s never too early to begin making your plans to attend the largest and most significant pizza trade show in the world. Visiting the Web site to get a sneak peek at the coming attractions should be your first step in the process.

As 2014 is drawing to a close, I know 2015 has great things in store for the industry in the year ahead. Finish your year strong and then buckle up to do it again!


Jeremy White, Editor-in-chief