July 1, 2014 |

A Conversation with Bill Freeman, Patxi’s Pizza, Palo Alto, CA

By Pizza Today

Bill Freeman Patxi's PizzaBill lets us in on Patxi’s
10th anniversary


Patxi’s Pizza   
Palo Alto, California

Pronounced “pah-cheese,” the decade-old pizza company has grown to 12 locations in San Francisco, California and Denver, Colorado. Founder and CEO Bill Freeman and partner Francisco “Patxi” Azpiroz opened their first Patxi’s Pizza unit in Palo Alto in the summer of 2004.


Throughout the last 10 years and as we’ve expanded from our first location in Palo Alto, we’ve really tried to remain true to our initial mission, which is to serve excellent pizza and top-notch hospitality. I think by never wavering from that standard, our customers have been happy to come back and support our expansion.

I think for operators to be willing to evolve, grow and innovate is key to the longevity and successful expansion of any brand. Both Patxi and I learn from each restaurant we open and dish we put on the menu, and we are constantly striving to make the next one better.

The 10th anniversary — We had a great time. We wanted every community in which we have a restaurant to feel the appreciation we have for each of them. We had a party with free food and champagne at every Patxi’s location on June 4. Plus, we did some fun other celebrations like any kid born on June 4, like Patxi’s, got a free kids’ pizza. We also did a cool “Golden Ticket” promotion for our delivery customers that day and some great Happy Hour specials, as well.

We’re really excited to be opening in Seattle and Santa Barbara this year. We have chosen two marquee locations, one on Ballard Avenue in the historic GS Sanborn Building and the other in a beautiful building with ample parking in the heart of State Street in Santa Barbara.
Neither market has any restaurant that offers the experience we bring — true upscale, polished, casual variety in pizza, as well as a great beverage program. Both sites will immediately draw people in from the sidewalk and take them away into fine ingredient heaven.

Advice for new operators —Surround yourself with smart people who have learned the hard way. Their advice will help you avoid potential mistakes.