May 1, 2016 |

Conversation with Tom Brown, Hometown Pizza

By Pizza Today

Hometown Pizza

LaGrange, Kentucky

The regional pizza company, which was founded in 1982, recently opened its 18th store and has launched a mobile pizza kitchen for catering and events.

Tom lets us in on the pizza company’s growth, mobile and community initiatives

Tom Brown, Vice President Hometown Pizza

Tom Brown, Vice President
Hometown Pizza

Hometown Pizza is a community-based restaurant. We’re the local pizza joint for little league tournaments, watching the game with friends, family night, and even date night. Our focus is on the quality of the pizza. We’re not fancy, but we are ahead of the times. We offer traditional thin, authentic thick and gluten-free crusts. Our produce is locally sourced from a Kentucky Proud supplier and our signature pizza sauce is the perfect complement of flavors.

Keys to expansion — First is the strength of the brand. We are a 30+ year old company with a loyal customer base. We continuously cultivate relationships in our communities that create interest in neighboring counties. The second key to our success is the experience and expertise of our staff. We have a bounty of long-term employees that know and can teach our system. We celebrate the importance of our long-term employees by recognizing their anniversary with us and hosting an annual company picnic. Finally, our commitment to only serving high-quality products is the foundation of who we are. We strive to prepare as much in store as possible and we work with local suppliers. Lastly, our commitment to infrastructure and innovation allows us to open new locations while also effectively managing the rest of the company.

On company structure — We have developed a team of area supervisors, a maintenance crew and administrative support that work together to keep all 18 locations moving in the same direction. Regular meeting schedules and technology investments streamline operations and increase communication across the board, including with our guests. We have also committed to a marketing schedule that makes it possible to deliver new and fresh products on a regular basis. We are also always willing to look into new opportunities and grow with the needs of our guests.

On its new mobile unit — The Hometown Mobile Pizzeria is a 22-foot self contained pizza-making machine. Pizza Trucks of Canada customized the trailer and installed all the equipment. Our trailer will primarily be used to develop the catering division, but our locations will also be able to use it at high-volume local events. Every Slice Matters, our non-profit organization, will sponsor community outreach events through the mobile pizzeria, as well. It will also be used to test and develop new markets.

What is Every Slice Matters?

Every Slice Matters was created to impact the communities surrounding our locations in a variety of ways. We landscaped a courtyard to create a community space for leisure and events, we revitalized and improved the efficiency of a food pantry, and, right now, we’re making plans to update the lab of a local clinic that provides healthcare to those without insurance…and that’s just the projects that require planning and volunteers. Our Every Slice Savings Cards have probably impacted the community the most. Together we have helped raise over $330,000 for local clubs, teams and nonprofits. And honestly, we’re just getting started. A nonprofit definitely comes with learning curves, as does anything, and we’re excited to see the good we’ve accomplished through Hometown Pizza and Every Slice Matters in five, 10 — even 20 years from now.