April 1, 2014 |

Interact — April 2014

By Pizza Today

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Twitter1DC’s Pizza
Try one of our NEW menu items! Buffalo Motz Sticks $7.49 with Bleu cheese or maybe some Disco Fries (fries with gravy n cheese) $5.99 !!

Why it works: Guys … fries with gravy. And cheese. Twitter can pretty much stop now, but nothing is going to be more delicious than that — except maybe adding bacon. Food for thought, @DCsPizza.

Facebook1Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint

National Pi Day is this Friday, 3/14. We’re going to run a geeky special that day: any 9-inch pizza with 3 toppings for $3.14 BEFORE 3:14 p.m. (gluten free crusts extra) Tell your friends to meet you at Maddio’s Friday for lunch!

Why it works: The clever special is a heckuva deal. Folks are always looking for an affordable lunch option, and this one appealed to big groups of office workers as well as college students and seniors — just about every demographic! It also let customers know that Uncle Maddio’s is open for lunch.

April Poll Question

What is your PRIMARY form of marketing?

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.) 35%

Print advertising (newspapers, magazines, weeklies, etc.) 12%

Radio/ Television 0%

E-mail 5%

Direct mail (USPS, flyers, door-hanging etc.) 24%

Word-of-mouth (People love to talk about us.) 24%


Raising the Bar

The Expo issue of Pizza Today is always great and this year sets a new standard. I loved the recipe from Jonathan. As usual he did his homework. It is identical to the recipe my Neapolitan grandmother used right down to the pine nuts and raisins.

John Arena
Metro Pizza
Las Vegas

John, thank you for the kind words. We wanted something rooted in history and out of the norm, and Jonathan Goldsmith clearly delivered. For those who missed it, see his “Polpette Alla Napoletana” recipe on page 22 of the March issue. These meatballs are vastly different from what most Americans are accustomed to seeing on pizzeria menus. They are lighter and more flavorful. And the raisins add an unexpected, yet rewarding, twist.

We told Mr. Goldsmith that this recipe truly raised the bar. It’s nice to hear a reader echo those sentiments. We’ll pass the word on — we know Jonathan will be excited and honored to hear the praise.