September 10, 2012 |

Loss Prevention Statement

By Dave Ostrander

Josh Keown

Employee theft is a problem for any business owner. Some statistics indicate that employee theft causes thousands of businesses each year to go under. Here, I’d like to offer Pizza Today readers a copy of a very important document I used at my pizzeria: my Loss Prevention Statement.

The following Statement of Loss Prevention Responsibilities must be read and signed by each employee, and a copy of the signed memo submitted to the General Manager.

The single most important asset of Big Dave’s Pizza & Subs is its people. It is our responsibility to protect this valued asset by providing understanding, direction, and support for high standards of business conduct.

All of Big Dave’s Pizza & Sub’s assets — merchandise, property, information, recipes, services, cash and people — are intended to be used in a manner that contributes to sales, profits and customer satisfaction. Using, diverting, damaging, or taking a company asset for personal use or benefit is an abuse of the business’ intended use of that asset.

The purpose of this Statement of Loss Prevention Responsibilities is to help Big Dave’s Pizza & Subs people make correct decisions and judgments regarding activities that are considered workplace abuse.  This statement is a company policy, as well as a guideline to help each employee define workplace abuse in their area of responsibility.  The list of examples is not all-inclusive.  Each employee should add to it from his or her understanding of workplace abuse.  Any violation of this contract is grounds for immediate termination and prosecution.

Definition of WORKPLACE ABUSE:
Workplace abuse is any illegal, dishonest, irresponsible, or counterproductive act that causes loss or harm to a company, its employees, or customers.

1. Unauthorized taking or use of company merchandise, cash, materials, equipment, or services.
2. Taking or damaging a co-worker’s property.
3. Intentional damaging of company inventory or other property.
4. Assaulting or harassing customers, suppliers, or co-workers.
5. Stealing from or cheating a customer.
6. Giving unauthorized discounts or buying merchandise at discount for a person not authorized to receive a discount.
7. Using, possessing, selling, buying or being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol on company premises or during work hours.
8. Borrowing or using company property, vehicles, or tools without proper authorization.
9. Unauthorized acceptance or solicitation of gifts from suppliers.
10.Operating or having a major investment or relationship in a business that competes with Big Dave’s Pizza & Subs.
11. Falsifying payroll time records, or other company records.
12. Unauthorized use or dissemination of company proprietary information.
13. Intentionally allowing merchandise to leave the physical control of the company premises without proper paperwork or financial transaction.
14. Failure to report known workplace abuse.
15. Gambling, or any other illegal activity on company time or on company property.
16. Rudeness to a customer.
17. Failing to strictly adhere to all traffic laws. Reporting any traffic stops to manager immediately.

I have read the above Statement of Loss Prevention Responsibilities and I understand my role in loss prevention and security at Big Dave’s Pizza & Subs.

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This document is an important first step to protecting your business. Put its policies in force today.