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Pizza Today: What does artisan pizza mean to YOU?


Sean Bullock Smoking Monkey Pizza is the closest thing to truly artisan pizza you’ll find anywhere…in the universe. Hand tossed, stone oven, the highest quality ingredients, and lots of love! THAT is an artisan pizza.

Adriano Furgio Made with “mother yeast”  (lievito madre) and baked in a wood fired oven using Caputo 00 flour, San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo milk fresh mozzarella and obviously basil!!!

Keith Coffman Artisan pizza means superior quality and unique individuality made specifically for those who enjoy it.

Jerry Juarez Calderon Artisan is creativity, originality, different like this caramelized onion, pickled habañero, Serrano pepper, bean sauce, chorizo de Parma, and a blend of mozzarella grande and smoked pepper jack cheese. Molto Buono!!

Wilhelm Rodriguez Artisan = made by hand from the beginning. If you use a mixer to make the dough it’s not Artisan. If your tomatoes come in a can it’s not Artisan. If you use instant yeast it’s not Artisan. La verace pizza artiginale e la pizze Napoletana

Monica Juarez For me it is something creative (and) different from the traditional pizza, a mixture of different flavors and ingredients. Namely a more elaborate pizza!!

Maria Curtis Virgilio Pizza is life! Artisan to me means coal or wood oven with fresh ingredients, crispy crust with black bubbles here and there.


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What area of your menu would you like to expand in 2015?

A. Appetizers 14%
B. Entrées 0%
C. Specialty pizzas 41%
D. Salads 18%
E. Desserts 18%
F. Beverages 9%