February 9, 2015 |

Trending Recipe: Valentine’s Day Pizza

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

heart-shaped pizza

How To: Heart-shaped Pizza

If you’re sitting there wondering how to create a heart-shaped pizza, it’s easier than you think. We used butcher paper folded in half and cut a large heart. We then traced the heart onto a pizza box and cut it out. After rolling out our dough, we simply placed the box over the dough and used a pizza cutter to trace around it. (Keep the discarded dough and make garlic knots!) We par-baked the dough heart for just a few minutes before topping with Alfredo, sweet hot peppers, pinches of Italian meatballs, roasted red peppers and Asiago and mozzarella cheeses. You could use a heart-shaped pan, but this is a fast and economical way to see how well they sell before investing in a stack of pans.

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