May 1, 2016 |

Commentary: Speed Kills

By Jeremy White

Jeremy White Editor-in-Chief Pizza Today

Jeremy White
Pizza Today

When fast-casual pizza first hit the scene, we all had lots of questions about it. And, to be honest, we still do. That’s why we had one of our ace writers, Daniel Smith, look at the topic for this issue. Since burgeoning chains dominate the category for the most part, we also had Associate Editor Denise Greer take a glimpse at some independents that are hitting the mark in this niche.

One of the hallmarks of this segment of our business is speed. With today’s society being faster-paced than ever before, one can see where this is a real asset for any foodservice provider.

If you already have a successful pizza business, should you overhaul the way you do things and become a fast-casual joint? Of course not. At least you won’t get that recommendation from me.

Having said that, as I delve deeper into the category and study statistics surrounding it, I can’t help but wonder what changes a typical mom-and-pop or small chain operation could make to become faster without sacrificing quality or ambiance.

To that end, I open the floor to you, dear reader, because I know no one has the answer better than you.

Send me an e-mail ( and tell me what specific things you do to serve customers fast. Have you initiated new procedures? At what cost? What were the results? Did you have to make concessions in other areas in order to increase service speed?

I look forward to reading your messages, which will be put to good use in upcoming issues of Pizza Today.


Jeremy White, Editor-in-chief