March 22, 2015 |

Get business tips NOW from Pizza Expo’s top speakers

By Denise Greer

Leading up to International Pizza Expo 2015, we asked Pizza Expo speakers to give us a taste of the information they will present during their seminars. This year’s speakers provided us with a clearinghouse of pizzeria-related topics facing operators today.

The following bonus articles, written by Pizza Expo speakers, take you inside their educational session with operational, marketing and branding tips:


Michael Shepherd 600 Downtown

Michael Shepherd
600 Downtown

Five habits of highly unprofitable pizzerias

Pizza industry consultant Michael Shepherd, owner, 600 Downtown, Bellafontaine, Ohio, shares unprofitable pizzeria mistakes, including accounting, labor, food cost and marketing issues.


mike baush, andolini's pizzeria, tulsa, branding, pizza industry expert, pizza expo, pizzeria operator

Mike Bausch
Andolini’s Pizzeria

The Day I Threw Out the Ravioli

Removing frozen ravioli from Andolini’s Pizzeria’s menu helps Owner Mike Bausch brand the business. He shares ways to make food from scratch to increase sales.


Jen Zeuner,  Hot Tomato Pizza

Jen Zeuner,
Hot Tomato Pizza

Ann Keller,  Hot Tomato Pizza

Ann Keller,
Hot Tomato Pizza

Creating an Authentic Brand

Anne Keller and Jen Zeuner, owners, Hot Tomato Pizza, Fruita, Colorado, create a promise and personality to engage customers & make their brand memorable. They outline keys to creating an authentic brand.


Shawn Randazzo Detroit Pizza Company

Shawn Randazzo
Detroit Pizza Company

Fine-Tune Your Operations for Top Performance

Shawn Randazzo, owner of Detroit Style Pizza Company in Detroit, Michigan, provides expert advice on fine-tuning an operation by incorporating technology into an operation’s workflow.


Joel Cohen

Joel Cohen

From servers to storytellers: The single most important step to ‘wow’ your customers

Joel Cohen ( offers ways to develop word of mouth and how to be memorable through storytelling.


Nancy Kruse The Kruse Report

Nancy Kruse
The Kruse Report

Five foods and flavors customers crave

Restaurant Industry Menu Analyst Nancy Kruse shares food and pizza trends and flavors that customers crave.


Karen Post

Karen Post

6 Steps to Building a Chef or “Pizzapreneur” Brand

Branding expert Karen Post offers tips to distinguish your pizzeria by elevating the personal brand of your chefs and pizzaioli.