December 1, 2016 |

Getting Social with Clayton Krueger

By Pizza Today

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Clayton Krueger
Director of Marketing & Communications
Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza, Tacoma, Washington

Back in the good old days of Facebook, you had to work hard to earn “fans” for your page, because the more fans you had, the more people you could reach with your messaging. That is no longer the case. About two years ago, Facebook became a publicly traded company. This created the need for the company to find new revenue streams. Up to that point Facebook’s main source of revenue was ads. After the IPO, the main revenue stream became “promoted posts.”  This change, like any, was initially met with discontent. However, boosted Facebook posts have quickly become one of the best marketing values around.

The best thing about boosted posts is the targeting capabilities. You can choose the audience who will see your post based on all sorts of demographics and preferences. Additionally, the amount you pay directly correlates to the size of the audience you want to target. Needless to say, it’s very affordable. It is also very easy to measure how many people saw your post and interacted with it, which is difficult to measure with other forms of advertising.

Facebook boosting allows pages with 1 to 1 million fans to reach the same audience with their messaging for the same amount of money. There simply isn’t another marketing option out there with more value.

Clayton Krueger is the director of marketing and communications for Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza.