June 16, 2014 |

Give Me a Break!

By Jeremy White

Web Jeremy's jobIn case you missed the big announcement last Friday, we have an exciting event planned for our upcoming September issue. For one month only, we are allowing the Web site and magazine to be HIJACKED by one lucky reader!

That’s right — the editorial staff at Pizza Today needs a break. We work hard year ’round to bring our readers the most meaningful content in the industry. It’s challenging, fun and rewarding, to be sure. And now we’re ready to cool our heels and take an issue off. That’s where you come in.

Behind the Scenes Jeremy and Josh

Does this look like fun, or what?

Want to be the guest editor of Pizza Today for an issue? Drop us line and let us know why you’d excel at the gig. E-mail my colleague, Mandy Detwiler (mdetwiler@pizzatoday.com) and tell us why you think you are the best choice. One lucky winner will be flown to our office in Louisville, Kentucky where you’ll hijack our magazine and Web site. You’ll select featured articles, photos, recipes, etc. You’ll supervise our photo shoot and food prep sessions. You’ll pick our cover. You’ll dig up research. You’ll direct our writers. In short, you’ll give us a break and do our jobs for us!

Sound like fun? We thought so, too!

Learn more about the contest and how to enter, and then give it your best shot! We look forward to spending a few days with our winner and trading tips, advice, etc. You teach us how to make your great pizza and we’ll teach you how to make our great magazine!