October 24, 2013 |

Inbox: Triple Decker Fried Pizza

By Pizza Today

Joe Abate, Owner/Operator Luigi's Apizza

Joe Abate, Owner/Operator Luigi’s Apizza

My name is Joe Abate. I’m the owner of Luigi’s Apizza in New Haven, CT, and a fan and subscriber of Pizza Today. My family established their pizza business in 1956 on Whalley Avenue in New Haven. On the menu in my restaurant, as well as in our special “Luigi’s Book of Pies” on each table, I have many very different specialty pizza combinations. Most of these pies can be seen on our Luigi’s Apizza Facebook page. I wanted to take a moment to share with you my latest creation, one of a kind (as far as I’ve ever seen) …… the Triple Decker Italian Combo Fried Pie!

The pie consists of three 12-inch lightly fried pizza dough(s) and layering them:

  • 1st layer has provolone cheese and salami
  • 2nd layer American cheese and pepperoni
  • 3rd layer has sliced fresh tomato, basil, garlic and olive oil and then it’s topped with pecorino Romano cheese.
Triple Decker Fried Pizza

Triple Decker Fried Pizza

We stack these layers and bake them in our pizza oven at 575 F until crispy. Then we cut them down with a butcher knife. We get eight cuts for a 12-inch pie. It’s very filling and very tasty. We have also made this pie available in a lasagna style with the layers being as follows:

  • 1st sauce, fresh ricotta and mozzarella
  • 2nd layer sauce and meatball
  • 3rd layer sauce & pecorino Romano.

We’ve been making these for some friends and regular customers to get their opinions which have all been positive. One of our employees described it as “pizza on steroids!”


Joe Abate
Luigi’s Apizza


Joe, wow! That’s certainly different. Fried pizza has gained in popularity in the past couple of years, but we’ve not seen someone fry dough and then stack it three deep yet. Could this be the next big thing, or is it a unique flash in the pan? We don’t have a crystal ball, but we applaud your creativity and hope your customers are enjoying your new take on a traditional favorite.