June 18, 2014 |

Don’t have the goods? Don’t serve it

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

TomatoMy family and I ate at our favorite local Mexican spot over the weekend. My enchiladas are usually served with a “salad,” which is a clever way of advertising some shredded lettuce, a handful of queso blanco and a tomato slice.

This might call itself a tomato, but I’m pretty sure it was just a pink softball that had been sliced and put on the plate. Instead of going to my three yummy enchiladas, my eye was immediately drawn to this anemic bit of nothing, and I quickly pushed it to the side.

“Do you want my tomato?” my daughter asked.

“Thanks … no,” I replied.

While sticking this bit of nothing to the side doesn’t affect the customer much, the bottom line is that it could be hurting your bottom line. Do you find customers are tossing your garnish because they’re pale and sickly? You’re basically throwing money down the toilet.

One easy way to avoid this is to simply ask your customers if they’d like lettuce and tomato for their sandwiches. Then make sure the produce you’re getting is as fresh as possible. Sure you might pay a bit more, but at least isn’t going into the trash. Buy butcher paper in bulk to use beneath items like hot wings and hoagies.

If you’re not serving your best, how will your customers know you’re the best?