November 16, 2015 |

More Meatball Recipes from John Gutekanst

By John Gutekanst

Here are a few more meatball recipes to try in your pizzeria:

Nem Noung

Makes 20 to 23 meatballs
This Vietnamese meatball from Na Trang is traditionally grilled. It is fatty, savory and a little sweet. Here, I changed the traditional pork back fat with the more easily accessible fatty bacon that produced a nuanced smoky taste also.

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Keftedakia Marinata, (Marinated Greek Meatballs)

Makes 30-34 meatballs
This recipe uses lamb as the protein as the meatballs are cooked halfway then are finished in a cinnamon-tomato broth and then finished with a savory feta cheese counterpoint.

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