March 1, 2016 |

Mobile Unit Tips

By Pizza Today

Drive your mobile unit to success with these tips

While a great product and hospitality are key, to get your mobile kitchen running Mitchell encourages operators to start with a business plan outlining elements like brand, identity and mission statement.

“You need to be as methodical and calculated with your approach as (any other business endeavour),” advises Rob Mitchell, president of the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association and Board Member of the National Food Truck Association.

Avoid other mobile kitchen potholes with these tips:

  • Band together with a group of other mobile operators. Collaborating creates a crowd-drawing scene and may bring opportunities like group gigs and referrals.
  • “Develop and refine an aesthetic value to your truck,” says Mitchell. Color, cleanliness and overall presentation attracts customers, of particular importance when other mobile competitors are nearby.
  • Hire your window staff carefully. They should be expert handlers of long lines and have the ability to engage passersby during slow periods, causing potential customers to linger at your kitchen.

“Nothing draws a line like a line,” asserts Mitchell.

Carime Lane is a freelance writer who writes about health and the restaurant business from Vancouver, B.C.