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National Pizza Month October 2017 — Pizzeria Tool Kit

By Pizza Today

How to celebrate National Pizza Month

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Pizza Today has you covered this October

Let’s collectively have the biggest pizza month ever and celebrate America’s favorite food. We’ve pulled together resources to help you mark the occasion and promote your National Pizza Month campaigns in your store, in the community and on social networks. October can be anything you make it. The tools and tips below are provided to assist you with your unique efforts to promote your pizzeria’s National Pizza Month celebrations.

Blast the National Pizza Month hashtag on everything. Use the hashtag on social media posts, in store and on external marketing and promotional signage.


Go further and add a unique hashtag specific to your brand to track its shares. Don’t forget to hashtag #pizzatoday so we can follow your NPM campaign.


20 Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Month

We’ve put together a list of low-cost to no-cost marketing ideas for your pizzeria make the most of National Pizza Month. Get the full list.


The skinny on National Pizza Month

Pizza Today’s founder Gerry Durnell created the National Pizza Month observance in 1984 to mark the debut of the first issue of Pizza Today magazine. The U.S. Congress officially designated October as National Pizza Month in 1987.

Read Editor-in-Chief Jeremy White’s Pizza History 101.


Download Marketing Assets for Your Pizzeria

official national pizza month logo√ — National Pizza Month Logo


Download high-resolution PDF for printing

Download JPG for web use


√ — National Pizza Month Declaration Social Sharing Art/Images

We’ve created images to declare National Pizza Month for social sharing. Click to enlarge each image and drag it to your desktop or save to your mobile device.

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√ — Customizable Media Release

We’ve provided you the framework to add in your specific information about your National Pizza Month festivities.

Download .doc (Microsoft Word 94 or later,)

Download PDF

Don’t forget you can pitch your National Pizza Month event directly to reporters or even partner with traditional or digital media in your area. Take a look at this how-to on getting media coverage.


√ — Pizza-related Infographics 

Click each infographic to enlarge and drag it to your desktop or save to your mobile device.

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NPM Spotlight: Slice Out Hunger

Scott Wiener

What: NYC’s biggest pizza party is an annual $1 slice event bringing together over 5o pizzerias under one roof with 100 percent of proceeds from the event going to New York City hunger relief organizations.

When: October 4, 2017

Who’s behind it: Scott Wiener, our Man on the Street and founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours. He launched the event in 2009 and the event has raised more than $175,000 to help fund hunger relief efforts. He has taken the idea nationally with a Slice Out Special campaign that takes place during the month of May.

More on Slice Out Hunger, visit


Submit your National Pizza Month campaign for NPM Spotlight consideration. Include campaign title, when it is, how it works and who’s behind it. Email us.