July 30, 2013 |

Pizza Today honored with international TABBIE Awards

By Jeremy White

Pizza Today Honored with Prestigious International AwardsHave you heard the news? Pizza Today was recently honored with a slew of awards for editorial and design excellence! Just as you take great pains in ingredient procurement and recipe development and pride yourself on serving customers only the finest fare, the editors, writers, photographers and designers at Pizza Today strive every month to give you pertinent, useful, current advice. But our quest doesn’t end there. We want that advice to be elegantly packaged and surrounded by eye-catching photos, typography and design that make you forget you’re holding a “trade magazine.” In short, we want to be the most beautiful, best read and most respected magazine in all of foodservice.

Advertising reports, independent reader studies by third parties and award contests all combine to tell us annually that we reach that goal. It’s a true pleasure to report to you that this year we have been honored with a total of six TABBIE awards from Trade, Association and Business Publications International (TABPI). The TABBIES are open to all business-to-business publications in more than 40 countries. This year, roughly 500 magazines from around the world entered — and we were the only foodservice magazine to win multiple awards. In fact, only five magazines worldwide won five or more awards, which places us squarely in the top one percent of trade pubs on Earth.

Forgive me for tooting Pizza Today’s horn here … but we were absolutely stoked about the news and had to share it with our readers! In case you were wondering, we won awards for our Cover Design, Feature Design, Best Single Issue, Best Opening Spread, Best Regular Column and Best Use of Social Media. In fact, we won a Gold Award for our progressive, comprehensive use of social media. The judges were impressed by the breadth of information we present to our readers across multiple platforms. We made it a priority two years ago to be the undisputed industry leader in this category, and our hard work on these fronts has paid off.

Since we released the news of our TABBIE wins in our weekly Quick Tips e-newsletter in mid July, I’ve received lots of positive notes of congratulations from readers. It’s nice to see that you appreciate and notice the standards of excellence we set for ourselves and that you embrace the fact that we push our readers each and every month with this magazine to set high standards of excellence for themselves and their businesses.

Speaking of high standards, you’ll find few pizzerias in America with more zeal than Pitfire Artisan Pizza in Venice, California. The company’s impressive execution earned it our 2013 Independent of the Year honor. To learn about what makes Pitfire so special, read Mandy Wolf Detwiler’s in-depth feature.