October 24, 2013 |

Pizzeria Social Media Marketing — November 2013

By Pizza Today


Pizza Tweets

Flatbread Pizza
With the end of the day rolling near, come enjoy Ladies Night with 20% off any bottle of wine. #Cheers pic.twitter.com/X6MV9rbqBx

Why it works: This is a pretty straight-forward tweet giving a shout out to a weekly special, we’d like to point out that Flatbread’s Twitter page is brilliantly designed. The page’s wallpaper showcases their daily specials, so they get in their 140 characters but don’t waste any space. They also spend a lot of time talking to their followers, which is what social media is all about.

Polito’s Pizza
Get a free slice on your birthday when you sign up for our birthday club! http://bit.ly/TOAY5u

Why it works: Everybody likes free stuff on their birthdays. But Polito’s also uses this promotion as a marketing tool by linking followers to their rewards club page — requiring an e-mail. They also encourage customers to share the birthday club promo with three of their friends. Boom. Instant database!



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Facebook Pizza Feeds

Bada Bing! Pizzeria

“Hmmmm….. I’m thinking of a number between 0 and 100.”

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  3. Guess the number

A random person that guesses the correct number will win a free 18” pizza from Bada Bing! Pizzeria. Contest ends Friday at 3pm. Good luck!

Why it works: Just 30 minutes after this post, it had been shared more than 50 times, garnered 80 responses and had nearly 50 likes. It was accompanied by a clever photo of the owner deep in thought over a pizza box. The social reach was mighty, and the fact that the contest lasted more than a day ensured it would have a long-lasting effect.

Peppers Pizzeria

We’re OPEN LATE! Pizza by the Slice and more until 1:00am in Houma and 2:30am in Thibodaux!

Why it works: When accompanied by a huge neon photo of a “Kitchen Open Late” sign, Peppers really hit the mark by letting customers know they have late hours at two stores. They also offer pizza by the slice, which is great for the after-bar crowd. No need to share a big pizza, and slices are fast.