October 4, 2012 |

POS System

By Jeffrey Freehof

I know you’ve talked in the past of purchasing a POS system. How did you justify the cost? They seem so expensive.

A: It was definitely a huge move. I did a lot of research by talking to other business owners that did similar volume as I was doing. I asked them how they felt about their investment and asked how a POS system pays for itself. I learned so much. There are so many ways that a POS protects your money, and you’d be surprised how much money we as operators lose in the add-ons that our staff forget to charge for. I think some of our most valuable information comes from other operators.

How much should I plan on spending for a two-station POS system?

There are definitely some systems out there that will boast a much less expensive price than the mainstream companies I’ve seen. They don’t include all that you need, however. You want a quality, reputable system with a great track record, and a good known support system. You definitely want caller ID and if you deliver, get the on-screen mapping. I really like processing credit cards and gift cards through my POS system compared to doing them separately. You’ll likely need to spend in the vicinity of $10,000.