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September 19, 2018 |

Colombo Marsala, No. 1 selling imported Marsala wine

Like many of the wonderful pleasures in life, Colombo Marsala was created by accident. The fortunate mistake can be traced back to British sea merchant, John Woodhouse, in the 1700s. Traveling to the port of Marsala in Sicily, Woodhouse became enamored with the local culture and more specifically, the local wines. Naturally, he endeavored to… Read More

September 4, 2018 |

Boost Sales at Your Pizza Shop with Peel-a-Box Postcards

Mail Shark’s interactive Peel-a-Box Postcard was designed specifically for pizza shops to improve response to your direct mail campaigns. Looking for a better way to market your pizza shop with direct mail? Get prospects engaged with your advertisement and grow your sales with our Peel-a-Box Postcard.   What Is a Peel-a-Box Postcard? The oversized 5.5”x10.5”… Read More

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August 28, 2018 |

Smallwares and Pizza Tools

Visit for a complete line of Pizza tools.  Cutters available in different sizes and colors.  Specialty cutters such as a 5” serrated, 4 slice breadstick and calzone sealer/cutter.  Pan grippers, and many dockers in different varieties.  Grippers from nylon to nickel plated to cast aluminum.  With dough dockers there is a different style for… Read More

New York Watermaker

August 15, 2018 |

About New York WaterMaker

There’s no place in the culinary world like New York City. From the famous and impossible to replicate, pizza and bagels to the high-end 3-star Michelin restaurants, New York City is the pinnacle of the culinary world. For decades, restaurants and franchises around the world have attempted to duplicate the New York City’s food taste… Read More

August 3, 2018 |

Can a new phone system actually increase revenue?

Customers with regular business phone lines from “legacy” carriers may still be paying as much as $90 per line, while businesses getting their phone lines from their cable TV provider may be paying as little as $20 per line. Because of this, Internet phone companies may or may not be able to actually lower the cost for… Read More

August 2, 2018 |

The Features of Professional Pizza Peel Per Gi.Metal

The aluminum pizza peels by Gi.Metal are designed for the professional pizzaiolo looking for lightness, functionality and long lasting. What make them different from the wooden ones? A good aluminum peel is better than a wooden pizza peel since it ensures a faster pace during work and thus a higher productivity. – Long Lasting. Metal… Read More

July 24, 2018 |

New Chicken Sausage Topping Makes a Big Impression on Sausage-lovers

WESTFIELD, WI – The big flavor of this premium Italian-style Chicken Sausage Topping from Brakebush is making a great first impression as patrons see it on pizzas, or in pastas, salads, soups and omelets. This all-natural, fully cooked topping delivers a traditional Italian sausage flavor and texture with less fat than pork sausage. Yet the… Read More

July 24, 2018 |

Tyson Foodservice Celebrates National Chicken Wing Day With Tyson Red Label Wings Introduction

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (July 24, 2018) —In celebration of National Chicken Wing Day (July 29), Tyson Foodservice, a division of Tyson Foods, Inc., announces the newest addition to its Tyson Red Label® product line—wings.  With 45 percent of consumers purchasing wings at restaurants and foodservice outlets1, Tyson Red Label® wings make it even easier for operators… Read More

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