November 29, 2017 |

Champions Use the Inferno Series From New York Brick Oven Co.

By Press Release

The New York Brick Oven Company is a favorite of both mom and pop pizza places and the fast-casual crowd. The reason the New York Brick oven Company is the top pizza equipment choice is that their revolving brick ovens are both super high production and easy to use while making a consistently great product. It is the choice of oven for the Pizza School New York and hundreds of start up companies around the United States and the world. The Inferno series revolving brick ovens feature the ability to cook with both gas and wood fire or just gas or wood. The durability, heavy stainless-steel burner, Honeywell components and refractory brick ad up to an easy bake, easy training and low fuel cost due to a heavy construction. These ovens are referred to as the Mack Trucks of the pizza industry. World Champion Goodfellas Pizza uses these ovens for the consistency and even baking for their award-winning gourmet pizzas. National chains choose these ovens due to ease of training and durability while fast casual pizza chains love the speed of pizza making and the patented heating system that ensures continuous and steady baking temperatures. Depending on your style of pizza making, you can enjoy making NY, square pizza, brick oven or Neapolitan style pizza along with breads all depending on your temperature setting. Another big seller for the NY brick oven company is that the ovens can be brought in and assembled through a standard 36 inch door eliminating the need to remove your store front or higher special rigging companies. From setting the world record at Pizza Expo to baking award winning pizza in New York these ovens will help you deliver a fantastic product in a short time to your customers. Not having to constantly rotate pizzas and turn them as in a conventional oven makes it so that you can keep labor costs down by using unskilled labor making professional pizza without the months of training as on a fixed deck brick oven.  That in itself practically pays for the oven in it’s first year of use. The rotating deck on the revolving brick oven has another great benefit. The entire cooking surface is usable for cooking, on a regular oven you can’t cook near the fire so up to 30% of the cooking surface on fixed deck brick oven is not usable. Not only that but there are no hot spots or cold spots on the cooking surface of the revolving oven because the surface is rotating and constantly being evenly heated. The guys from NY Brick Oven Company are successful pizza men, restaurant operators, instructors and franchise owners and designers who really understand what works and what does not work, so call them when you are ready make your life easier and your profits higher. Call now 1-800-053-OVEN