June 16, 2017 |

Mama Larosa Cracked Wheat Dough

By Press Release

Boring bread basket? Let Mama LaRosa Cracked Wheat dough add variety to your bread basket and pizzas with this unique twist on whole wheat. This lighter version of whole wheat has plenty of flavor and makes a nutritious option. This product has long been a favorite for many restaurants that want to offer flavorful fresh table breads that are unique and inexpensive. The Cracked Wheat dough also makes a great healthy alternative to traditional pizza & breads. So whether you are looking for a great table bread or a unique pizza or calzone the Mama LaRosa Cracked Wheat dough will fit your needs and will certainly have your customers coming back for more.

Our famous Mama Larosa dough originated long ago in a small pizzeria, and in 1982, our founders made it their goal to formulate and freeze that same authentic dough, while perfectly maintaining the original taste and quality that everyone loved. With over 30 years of experience, our proven unique process, and state of the art manufacturing techniques, we continue to share our original Italian style dough and especially our commitment to “Old World Tradition with New World Convenience.”

Mama Larosa Foods has been crafting one of the finest dough balls in the world with exceptional quality and consistency for over 30 years. Dough is our specialty. Our dough has been shaped into delicious table breads, pita breads, sandwiches, calzones, deserts and especially pizzas, ranging from hand made to classic hand tossed, deep dish or thin crust, always beautifully baked in a variety of ovens. The handmade charm and authentic flavor is achieved using the most excellent of ingredients and a unique, proprietary process. At the heart of America’s small business, we continue to maintain the highest standards and quality at all levels of operation, from manufacturing to packaging to customer service. Easy to use, versatile, unmistakable, and original, our dough is our specialty.

Authenticity and Eye Appeal-, Mama Larosa Doughballs have a truly authentic flavor, founded on excellent ingredients and are available in a variety of unique flavors.  Doughballs are still produced using our unique classic process, proven successful over decades of experience. Our dough balls are made to order; ensuring freshness and allowing more of the product shelf life to be spent on our customers’ shelves. Blending the old world mixing techniques with new technology, we are able to enhance the classic dough flavors that have been “old world” crafted for years. We then use a secret combination of time and temperature in order to create that perfect frozen dough ball. Combining these techniques with innovative packaging yields a unique packaged dough ball, which is convenient and excellent tasting, perfect for any bread, pizza, calzone, and more.

Contact us at customerservice@mamalarosa.com or visit our webpage for our full product line at www.mamalarosafoods.com or call direct 734-946-7878 for more information.