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December 18, 2013

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Building a Better Brand

Restaurant design experts suggest a remodel every 5-7 years as a way of keeping your look current and fresh. Sometimes a pizzeria is better served by a full-on rebranding. Other times nothing more than a new paint color is needed. But, either way, a lot of thought should be given to the re-freshening process before putting a plan into play and spending money on a project.

“Don’t spend money on things that won’t ultimately affect the bottom line,” advises Brigette Breitenbach of Company B Brand Marketing in Milwaukee. “Trendy, but expensive ingredients might improve your menu, but are they negatively affecting net income? Are new light fixtures or even different bulbs that make the space and the food look better more cost-effective than new furniture?”

Is it time to take on a remodeling of your pizzeria? Click here to begin your quest.

Buying vs. Leasing: Exploring Your Options

If that much-anticipated new location is about to become a reality for you, real estate matters are going to occupy much of your brain space in coming months. Whether it’s your second store or your 200th, you’ll be faced with options and decisions that are crucial to the livelihood of the new store’s business.

First on the agenda: will you buy or lease the restaurant space?

“It’s really a risk-return recipe, and that’s why it’s different for everybody,” says Dan Simons of Vucurevich Simons Advisory Group.

Each option comes with its own unique pros and cons. Explore the buying vs. leasing question for yourself and learn six questions you should ask before deciding to buy by clicking here.

Pizza Today Releases 2014 Menu Guide

Pizza Today has released its 2014 Menu Guide, a special issue designed to help you increase your menu’s effectiveness and profits over the next 12 months.
To compile the issue, we turned to some of the world’s top pizza chefs. Their contributions helped shape a 2014 Menu Guide that is broken down seasonally so that you can get started right now with winter recipes and never look back.

Click here to check it out and start assembling your 2014 menu today.