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Quick Tips January 15, 2014

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Industry Headlines
January 15, 2014

World’s Largest Pizza Company Enters Slice Market

Most notably known for its line of pan pizzas, the largest industry chain is now treading on new ground. Pizza Hut, which ranks No. 1 on Pizza Today’s Top 100 Pizza Companies listing, has entered the slice market with the opening of two new units in York, Nebraska and Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The locations are currently the only by-the-slice stores in Pizza Hut’s massive portfolio. According to Entrepreneur, the slices are cut from the company’s new 18-inch pizza and will sell for $2 to $3.

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Open Book Policy Can be Beneficial for Operators

Chances are your employees are not accounting experts. They may never have seen a profit and loss statement or a balance sheet. And they likely think your business is making more money than what it actually makes. This misconception can lead to carelessness or even discontent on their part. One way to counter this is by opening your books and giving your staff a clear picture of what goes on day to day. An open book policy allows employees to better understand and take a more active role in your business. And when they realize you aren’t bathing in cash, it helps make them more responsible.

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Fill It Up

Panini sandwiches are easy to make, profitable and popular with customers. What’s not to love about all that? But do your menu and your clientele a favor by offering something more than just a basic ham and cheese. The filling possibilities are endless. From grilled zucchini to high-end prosciutto to a variety of a cheeses, there is no reason to limit your creativity in the kitchen. If you want to take your Panini lineup from mundane to memorable, click here.

International Pizza Expo is Just 10 Weeks Away

Show organizers are putting the final touches on what promises to be the largest and most exciting pizza industry trade show in world history. In case you haven’t heard, International Pizza Expo turns 30 this year! And to celebrate its three decades of success, the show has expanded by an additional two days in order to accommodate a bevy of new seminars and events. New this year to the lineup of educational sessions will be the Expo debut of the School of Pizzeria Management. This series of in-depth training sessions will begin on Sunday, March 23 and conclude on Monday, March 24. School of Pizzeria Management workshops will offer instruction and take-home materials from some of the industry’s leading operators.

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