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Quick Tips November 20, 2013

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November 20, 2013

Pizza Today launches new Web site

The all-new launched last week and is already generating impressive results. A completely new design from top to bottom has resulted in more new articles daily, editor’s blogs, integrated social media, and more recipes, photos and content than ever before.

“We’re super stoked about the new Web site,” says editor-in-chief Jeremy White. “And our traffic numbers are really skyrocketing. Before the new site even launched we had begun aggressively adding fresh content to in an effort to better serve our online readers. Those efforts paid off as we watched traffic swell by 232 percent over the past year. With the launch of the new site, that trend is expected to continue to grow.”

In fact, is now generating more traffic than any other pizza industry Web site in the world. If you have not yet checked out the new site, visit now.


Will anchovies pass pepperoni in popularity?

Okay … stupid question. Of course not. But as the editors of Pizza Today began planning content for the January 2014 issue, the tiny, salty fish kept coming up. Our ever-popular and astute In the Kitchen writer John Gutekanst, always on the cutting edge of culinary trends, sent us some recipes he has been experimenting with that featured anchovies. And then we stumbled on a report from a foodservice consultancy that predicted anchovies would become a hot item in 2014.

If you’re scratching your head, don’t worry. We are, too. Think 2014 will be the year of the anchovy? Click here to see the report and weigh in with your input in the comments box.


Dress for Success

While winging it works in some cases, you should not leave the look of your business up to your staff alone. Short-shorts and “booty jeans” may be cute in the club, but your pizzeria aspires to be a professional brand. And it can’t do that without some well thought out and enforced policies. Your dress code should certainly be covered in your employee handbook.

Customers expect your employees to look clean and neat. If they don’t, your business suffers.

How far to go with the dress code is up to you, and we certainly advise making your employees a part of the decision-making process. But once a plan is in place, stick to it.

To read about how some of your peers handle dress codes, click here.

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With the launch of the all-new, you’ll find that integrated social media is an integral part of the experience. Our interaction with readers and recent Facebook posts flow directly on our homepage in real time, and each article encourages readers to comment or address topics with the editors and fellow pizzeria owners by logging in through Facebook. Interactivity is the name of the game, and liking our Facebook page is the ticket that gets you into the party!

With daily updates, photos, industry musings and Throwback Thursday posts that always inspire a good laugh, you’ll want to make the Pizza Today Facebook page an important part of your social media repertoire going forward. Over 3,200 of your peers have already joined the fun. Don’t miss out — click here to like us on Facebook today!