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October 23, 2013

The Perfect Pizza

If your pizza isn’t positively perfect, perhaps it’s because your math doesn’t add up. In Great Britain, a mathematician has made headlines by proclaiming that she has found the formula for a perfectly portioned pizza.

Dr. Eugenia Cheng, of the University of Sheffield in the U.K., was asked to study pizza ratios by a British chain, PizzaExpress. She claims the average bite of an 11-inch pizza (who serves those, anyway?) contains 10 percent more topping than the average bite of a 14-inch pizza.

To view the story — and the math — click here.


Join the Fun on Facebook

Want to increase your interaction with Pizza Today? Outside of planning your next trip to see us in person at International Pizza Expo, our highly active Facebook page is the best place to see what pizzerias we’re visiting and what we’re up to. From Slice of Hope to upcoming Expo events, we’re always touting something new and conversing with our readers on the PT Facebook platform. It’s a party you don’t want to miss. Thousands of your peers are already on there hanging out with us. Join the fun today by clicking here.


Avoid the Potholes of Pizzeria Management

International Pizza Expo speaker Eric Chester is a recognized expert in the field of employee management. He says pizzeria employees, particularly millenials, are wired for attention. Unfortunately, Chester maintains, most pizza restaurant managers leave an overwhelming majority of their workforce feeling disconnected.

“Most restaurant managers I encounter are perpetual pothole patchers. They feel as though it’s their job to maintain a smooth road, so they’re always on the lookout for the potholes and are quick to call out every crack and imperfection,” Chester explains. “Under this leadership style, the only ones who ever get any attention are the top 10 percent overachievers and the bottom 10 percent, who usually get reprimanded and eventually fired. The 80 percent who lie somewhere between exceptional and unacceptable are generally ignored.”

To see what Chester says needs to be done to remedy the problem, click here.


Hot 100 Making Noise

Each year we use survey feedback and sales data to comprise our Hot 100 Independents ranking. As the name implies, the listing showcases America’s 100 most successful independent pizzerias based on gross sales. Since releasing the 2013 list earlier this month, the pizzerias that made the cut have generated lots of buzz in local and national press.

Have you seen the list yet? Who’s number one? Who’s in the top 10? Who did more than $5 million in sales? Did your pizzeria make the list? Find out by clicking here.


Pizzerias Get Creative for Slice of Hope

Now that Slice of Hope 2013 is in the books, the letters and photos are pouring in from pizzerias across the country. We’ve been particularly inspired by the fun and interesting things pizzerias have done to make Slice of Hope their very own special event. From ribbon-shaped pizzas to bicycle auctions to monster truck rides, Slice of Hope has become the second biggest pizza party in America outside of International Pizza Expo.

“I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for what the industry has done with Slice of Hope,” says Pizza Today editor-in-chief, Jeremy White. “It has been rewarding reading through the e-mails we’ve received over the last week since the event ended. Every year pizzeria owners from coast to coast find interesting and fun new ways to promote the event and make it a success.”

To view some of the creative Slice of Hope photos we’ve recently received, click here.