December 2, 2013 |

Simple is better when it comes to social media

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

When I was in the 10th grade, I can remember my biology teacher giving us a rather ingenious life lesson. No, it wasn’t making sure we had the right brand of Hammer pants, perfecting the art of swooping our bangs or how to do the Running Man (all viable in 1992). It was how to KISS –– or Keep It Simple, Stupid.

That age-old gem really applies when it comes to handling today’s social media. We follow hundreds of pizzerias on Facebook (like us back!) , and there are plenty of posts that seem to drag on and on. I’m not just talking about run-on sentences either –– you don’t need to put the exact address and telephone numbers of all 20 of your locations directly into the post. Sometimes, the simplest photo or phrase can catch the eye.

BoriellosDinoCase in point? Colorado-based Boriello Brothers Real New York Pizza posted this killer photo of a dinosaur drawn on one of the company’s pizza boxes. The result? Dozens of likes. It drew our attention –– and I’m sure it did the same for the company’s fans.

What has been your best social media post? Why do you think it worked for you? (And just in case you’re keeping score, no, I still can’t do the Running Man.)

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